Cookies by Emily Jenkinplayed at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on 29th October for two performances only and was commissioned as part of Masterclass' Cyberscene Project run in partnership with The Pureland Foundation and children's charity Kidscape.

Cyberscene is an inspirational theatre initiative which supports the health and wellbeing of young people affected by cyber bullying and other online issues.  Through a series of theatre based workshops, the project has explored key concerns and issues facing young people in today’s digital landscape, having collaborated with 120 students across four London Colleges.

As part of the project, Masterclass commissioned a filmed live performance of Cookies to accompany free PSHE and Drama resource packs which include professional advice from Kidscape, easy-to-follow exercises and over 30 extensive theatre-based, written and creative activities that align with the PSHE Association and AQA A-level and GSCE Drama national curriculum.

Written with young people, for young people, Cookies is an exciting method of educating and engaging young people in a pertinent subject matter. The production offers over 14's an engaging, offline experience which ultimately teaches online safety and raises awareness of cyber bullying.

Watch the filmed performance via our website here!

Cookies in Schools and Colleges

Masterclass and Kidscape have spent over a year working with 16 to 19 year old students from varying areas of study; collating and exploring exciting, fresh material through diverse and successful workshops.

Drama Resource Pack
The GCSE Drama resource pack offers over 30 extensive theatre-based, written and creative activities for three AQA GCSE and A-Level Drama modules:
1. Live Theatre Performance
2. Devising
3. Texts in Practice

Developed in line with the AQA criteria, this resource supports and develops key learning outcomes.

Download the Full Drama Resource Pack Here

PSHE Resource Pack
The PSHE resource pack offers teachers easy-to-follow exercises, built specifically to support the PSHE Association curriculum.

The resources help teachers cover various topics within the curriculum using drama-based creative activities.

The resource pack is supported by professional advice from Kidscape and includes additional links to:
1. Supporting websites
2. Multi-media
3. Popular culture
4. Charities.

Download the Full PSHE Resource Pack Here

LSE on Cookies

Dr Ellen Helsper is an expert on online interaction has been engaged by Masterclass to evaluate The Cyberscene Project.

The aim of the collaboration between Cyberscene and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has been to evaluate both the participants and the play. The participants have been surveyed at different stages of the project to track their perceptions and awareness of cyber bullying. ​

Attitudes and Perceptions
Turning Points
Social Context and Support Structures
Literacy, Skills and Resilience 
Awareness, Knowledge & Risk Perception