If you have a script hidden away in a folder on your laptop, I urge you to print the first 30 pages, and send it to the Pitch Your Play competition!

In 2013, my play Hatchling won the inaugural Pitch Your Play competition and it changed my writing life. Shortly after winning the competition, I signed with a literary agent. Thanks to Masterclass I felt I’d joined the professional world of playwriting.

The opportunity to see my play on a large West End stage was incredibly useful – and, of course – amazing! It was fascinating to see how my writing worked and sounded on a spacious stage. I was used to tiny, dingy, fringey venues – this was a whole other world and scale! It gave me the opportunity to usefully redraft and re-evaluate my work.

Masterclass were hugely supportive to our team (director Amy Mulholland and producer Euan Borland) as we auditioned, rehearsed and produced the staged reading. The Haymarket theatre may have looked an imposing building to begin with, so it was a relief to find the Masterclass team were all wonderfully down to earth, switched on, and friendly.

What’s unique about this competition is that the word ‘pitch’ is central to the opportunity. A ‘pitch’ felt a little unnatural for me as a writer. I initially thought that was something business people did, not creatives. However, thinking in terms of pitching the play was the most useful part of the process. It forced me to drill down into why my play mattered, and how a reading would crucially develop it. It forced me to regain confidence in what was unique about my writing. It forced me to articulate the world of my play with more perception than I ever had before. I fell in love with my play all over again.

Fall in love with your play. Enter the competition.