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A Matter of Course

Script Sessions


March 13, 2021


13:00 - 14:30


Theatre Royal Haymarket

This session, we read the opening scenes of A Matter Of Course, a script in development by Oliver Doone. Oliver was a longlisted playwright for our Pitch Your Play scheme in 2017.

The sessions are the perfect opportunity to keep your table reading skills fresh, read for a character you wouldn’t typically get the opportunity to play, meet other creatives, and enjoy some great plays!

This session we read...

A Matter of Course by Oliver Doone

A wealthy American businessman sets his sights on a small village in rural Northern Ireland, to be the setting for his new golf course. The development divides village opinion, some welcoming this new opportunity, others spurning it. When an elderly woman won’t part with her land, vital to complete the course, two young lads take matters into their own hands to convince her to change her mind, with disastrous consequences. A story of the decline of local community, the influence of money and the insidiousness of greed.


Hugh - early thirties, male, Northern Irish. The local pub landlord, Hugh acts as narrator. A two-faced opportunist, though likeable, he watches the drama unfold with indifference and mild amusement.

Liam - fifty, male, American. An immensely wealthy American businessman. He may seem an obnoxious, ignorant oaf, but he is a cold and calculating entrepreneur, from whom the village is in grave danger. He is not often denied what he desires, and he will not be denied his golf course.

Hector - nineteen, male, Northern Irish. The son of the wealthiest inhabitant of Ballymuck, Hector is a spoilt, selfish, narcissist, who keeps Deano around purely for personal gain. A product of his environment, born into wealth, to a taciturn and neglectful father who equates love to money.

Deano - nineteen, male, Northern Irish. Deano doesn’t stand a chance, he is the real tragedy of this story. Bullied at school by Hector, at home by his domineering mother, unprotected by his mute father, and stranded in this tiny backwater, destined never to leave. When this story comes to its climax, Deano will be the one who has lost the most.

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