Responding Creatively to Shakespeare

How can playwrights today ‘speak back’ to Shakespeare, and use his works as creative inspiration? Playwright and Shakespeare lecturer Emma Whipday will share her experiences of responding creatively to Shakespeare’s plays, and explore how Shakespeare can speak to our concerns today.  

Emma is happy to answer questions about responding to Shakespeare, working as a playwright, writing period dramas, why Shakespeare still matters, or anything else about writing or Shakespeare!

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About Emma

Emma Whipday is a playwright and an academic. She has written three plays responding to Shakespeare and his legacy, Shakespeare’s Sister, which takes Virginia Woolf up on her invitation to imagine what if Shakespeare had a sister who was just as talented, The Defamation of Cicely Lee, which imagines a Jacobean rape case that puts #MeToo in conversation with Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, and Bonfire of Flowers, which responds to Macbeth to tell the true story of three ‘witches’: vulnerable women accused of witchcraft.  

Shakespeare's Sister was a winner of the 2015 Masterclass 'Pitch Your Play' competition and received an international premiere at the American Shakespeare Center's Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, Virginia, in 2017. The Defamation of Cicely Lee won the ASC's 2019 Shakespeare's New Contemporaries competition.  

Emma has also written a number of adaptations of classic novels, including Emma and Sense and Sensibility for the ASC and Dracula and Tristram Shandy for Reverend Productions. Emma lectures in Renaissance Literature at Newcastle University.

Emma is currently hosting an online video series 'Stay at Home Shakespeare', thinking through Shakespeare in the home during the pandemic - click here to view the first session.

To attend this Coffee with Creatives, all you need to do is watch our story live on Instagram at 2.30pm on Thursday 4 June!