We are delighted to be continuing our Script Sessions, but online! These sessions will be a bit different from usual. We are looking for actors and other creatives to join us for weekly play reading/development sessions.

The online sessions will help our playwrights to develop their work, help you to develop connections with other creatives throughout these difficult times - and enjoy some great plays!

You will be sent the play extract on the Monday to read through. Then on the Thursday, you will be invited via email to a Zoom online session at 11.30am. This will be a video call with the playwright, a few of the Masterclass team, and 8 other creatives. We will be discussing the play extract and providing feedback to the writer.  

To apply, please see below.

On Thursday 9 April we will be reading...

A Story About Time Travel
by Ryan Leder

A Story About Time Travel follows Jess and Finn, two new graduates who meet, fall in love and discover they can time travel in an inappropriately short amount of time. He can't afford to live away from home. Her Mum is slowly forgetting who she is. Together, Jess and Finn try to hold on to the last three years of friends, freedom, and financial stability while doing everything they can to change the present.  The play is full of colourful characters, pop culture references, and karaoke - but underneath seeks to examines the unforgiving attitude towards ambition and open disregard for mental health surrounding post-education employment.

A Story About Time Travel is a stage adaptation of the BBC audio drama A Short Story About Time Travel, which was commissioned by BBC Arts and Arts Council England in 2019. It was produced by Rural Media and performed by comedian Jonny Donahoe (‘Every Brilliant Thing’, Jonny and the Baptists) with Gabrielle Quaye – the piece is awaiting broadcast in 2020.

How to Apply

Applications are now CLOSED. We are delighted to have been inundated with applications. We will be letting you know by Wednesday 1 April if you are taking part in the first session.

We will be creating a weekly schedule on a first come first served basis, and we will let you know which week you will be taking part.

Please note you must be signed up as a Masterclass member to apply for sessions.

To find out out more about our Script sessions, please
 see here.