Following the huge success of our Pitch Your Play scheme in 2018 (in which we received over 170 applications!), we launched The Script Sessions - our very own Play Development/Reading Lab. We host these sessions to get together with actors and read a play extract submitted by a young playwright. The sessions offer Masterclass members the opportunity to hone their table reading skills, and provide an easy way for playwrights to hear their work aloud and get some helpful, friendly feedback.

For the first season of the Script Sessions, we invited back our longlisted playwrights from Pitch Your Play to submit a few scenes from something they are currently working on. We wanted to nurture these writers by providing a more holistic approach to script development, and therefore supporting them whilst they take the next step in their careers.

This session we read...

by Megan Fellows

Come be a fly on the wall in this little love hotel, a rent-by-the hour establishment known commonly as a ‘telo’. As the buzzer sounds and the next couple’s stay begins, watch as stories unfold and secrets come to surface.
Set over the course of an hour’s slot in a British love hotel, we meet three sets of guests who frequent the love hotel for very different reasons: from a Friday night hookup; to a political affair; to a life-saving encounter.  What happens behind telo walls, stays behind telo walls...