This Masterclass took place at the Imaginarium Studios in Ealing.

This was a unique opportunity for a small group of masterclass members to tour the celebrated performance capture studios in Ealing.

Andy spoke about his career and the step by step process of becoming a character in performance capture acting. Andy then chose a few masterclass members to get into motion capture suits, and imparted his expertise to transform the actors into their characters.

About Andy 

Andy Serkis is an actor, director and producer, known for roles such as ‘Gollum’ in the Lord of the Rings franchise, ‘Caesar’ in the Planet of the Apes films, ‘Supreme Leader Snoke’ in the latest Star Wars films, ‘Ulysses Klaue’ in Black Panther and many more.

Andy has worked across the film, television and theatre industries, gaining awards and critical acclaim for his numerous roles including the BAFTA-nominated role ‘Ian Dury’ in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. In 2012, Andy co-founded The Imaginarium – a Performance Capture studio and Production Company dedicated to the art and craft of next generation storytelling.

In 2017, Andy made his directorial debut with The Imaginarium’s first film, Breathe, followed by his next film as director, Mowgli, based on the original stories by Rudyard Kipling, which was released in December 2018.