We have launched our Script Sessions *online* to help playwrights to develop their work, give actors/creatives some wonderful plays to read and for everyone to develop connections with other creatives throughout these difficult times.

We are looking for Playwrights who would like to submit a new play which is currently in development (i.e. you are in the process of writing it), and other creatives (actors, directors, designers, or with a general theatre interest) to give their feedback.

The online sessions will help our playwrights to develop their work, and help attendees to develop connections with other creatives throughout these difficult times - and enjoy some great plays!

You will be sent the play extract to read through in advance. Then on the Thursday, you will be invited via email to a Zoom online session at 11.30am. This will be a video call with the playwright, a member of the Masterclass team, and around 8 other creatives, where we read the opening scene (giving actors a chance to practise their table read skills!), discuss the play, and provide feedback to the writer to help them develop their script.  

How to take part

If you are a playwright aged 18-30 with a script you are currently developing, please email your latest draft to info@masterclass.org.uk.

If you are an actor/director/creative aged 18-30 whom would like to take part in the sessions as a participants, please email info@masterclass.org.uk with your CV. We ask for a CV so that we can invite a wide range of different participants each week. if you are an actor who is happy to read in for the opening scenes, just let us know!

We will invite attendees on a first come first served basis, and we will let you know a week in advance if you will be taking part.

Please note you must be signed up as a Masterclass member to apply for sessions. Please see our FAQs if you have any questions. 

To find out out more about our Script sessions, please
 see here.