"I'm now past the halfway mark of my internship and I have to say that time has flown by really quickly. The past month has consisted of me helping the wardrobe department get the show organised and ready for tech week.

Tasks I have learnt to do, and have completed, consisted of things like labeling items of costume or accessories, making shirts, ties, and shoes quickly changeable, ribboning hats, altering clothes going around town to buy dance shoes and moving costumes to respective places in their trundle.

I was also very lucky in being able to visit the famous Angels Costume store in Hendon where I helped the Costume Supervisor and Assistant in fitting some costumes we needed to hire out. The place was simply just massive, with miles and miles of costumes in all directions!

I've experienced a lot over the past 4 weeks and feel like there is still a lot I will learn before the end of my internship as we are moving closer to tech week and the opening of the show. So far I'm really enjoying my time in the wardrobe department and the company as a whole. The friendly people there have certainly contributed to this too."