Beyond the Bard; Does Shakespeare help or hinder the modern actor?
In his Masterclass, Hugh looked at whether Shakespeare helps or actually hinders modern actors.

About Hugh

After more than two decades working in film and popular television, Hugh Quarshie was persuaded to return to the Royal Shakespeare Company to take on the role of Othello, a part he had resisted for many years. Indeed he had written a widely-read essay suggesting that of all the parts in the Shakespeare canon, it might be the one role black actors should not perform because of the risk of reinforcing racist attitudes, Second Thoughts About Othello. His views on Shakespeare and classical acting have been informed by his experience of working on films and television series such as Highlander, Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, The Murder of Stephen Lawrence, Dr. Who and, of course, Holby City. He wonders whether Shakespeare really is the universal genius that he was taught at school…