The Lowdown

The future of our industry is in YOUR hands!

There’s no doubt about it, the future of theatre relies on today’s generation having the opportunities and support to go forward and create. Since 1998 everyone at Masterclass HQ has worked hard to present unique opportunities and experiences for creatives at the start of their career. However, after talking and listening to some of our members, we’ve realised that sometimes just presenting these opportunities might not be enough.

Occasionally, we've been told that people often don’t apply for jobs or new challenges because they have become too intimidated by the sheer number of other creatives out there. They're worried that their voice might not be heard or quite simply have lost a bit of faith!

In response, we’re launching our ‘In Your Hands’ campaign which aims to combat disillusionment through a sense of self-awareness and community. We want you to be proud of what you do and empower yourself with the knowledge that you, and everything you work to achieve, really is the future of our industry.

Spread the Word

Help us to spread the word and take part!

So, how will it work?  We want people to embrace the fact that the future of the Arts is in the palm of their hands. Following the lead of our latest #InYourHands images, all you need to do is write your profession onto your hand, take a picture and upload it to social media with the hashtag #InYourHands. It’s that simple!

How does this Help?

We need more and more people of different voices and fresh perspectives to recognise the theatre industry (and more broadly, the Arts) as a fruitful career choice. Particularly now with arts funding cuts in education, we need to work harder than ever to support those who take an interest at an early age and encourage them to be secure in their voice. It is those we inspire today who will make the future of theatre exciting, viable and vital

So, whether you're working as an Actor, Stage Manager, Journalist, Director, Technician, Producer, Reviewer, Marketer etc (the list is endless!), be proud of what you do and never shy away from an opportunity because you feel under qualified or intimidated.

Now, we'll leave it in your hands...