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Write a song in under 26 hours

Learn Shakespeare’s Sonnet 26 and record yourself performing it  
Here it is!

Learn to sign 26 letters/words  
Visit for helpful courses and guides

Write 26 haikus 
Originally Japanese, a haiku is a poem of seventeen syllables, in three
lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural

Run/walk 26.2 miles before the end of the month
You've basically run a whole marathon then, right?!

Write a short radio play titled “The Marathon”
The BBC has some great tips on writing a play for radio

Knit/crochet a 2-foot 6 inch/cm scarf
That's one Christmas present down...

Write a poem that is 26 lines long 

Bake 26 cupcakes
Great British Bake Off who?

Read 26 plays in October 
This website has a ton of play scripts available to read for free

Learn 26 words in a different language

Design a ‘Fun Runners’ costume
One for the costume designers!

Record yourself performing 26 different monologues over the month of October 

Go for a 26-minute long run 

Create a playlist of your 26 favourite songs from musicals
The ultimate WFH playlist! We'd love to hear these.

Read 26 Shakespeare sonnets