One of the UK’s leading specialists in Russian theatre, Oleg Mirochnikov held a workshop entitled An Actor’s work with an object – inspired by the Russian acting technique, participants were invited to explore how to use and interact with objects in different ways.

About Oleg

Oleg is a Russian actor and theatre practitioner based in London who has taught acting and directed throughout the UK and Europe. As one of the UK’s leading specialists in the Russian theatre, his unique approach to the art of acting and directing is a fusion of the work of the three greatest masters of the Russian stage: Stanislavski, Meyerhold and Vakhtangov. Oleg has developed his own technique, style, and set of exercises, all of which encourage actors to be playful, to focus on imagination and justification, and to have artistic courage and strong physicality.

As a Dialogue Coach & Consultant he worked on X-Men: First Class, World War Z, Hunter Killer and Strike Back. His recent acting credits include: Spectre, Legends, McMafia, The Feed and Ransom (Season 3).

Oleg is an Artistic Director of Belka Productions, a theatre production company focusing on Anglo-Russian theatre exchange.