We're one of only 500 charities with the opportunity to have someone running the famous 26.2 mile route for us and are delighted to announce Poppy Corbett is going to be representing us in 2017!

Poppy is one of our ‘Pitch your Play’ winners and has experienced first-hand how Masterclass can help young people further their careers in the industry.

"Masterclass gave me the opportunity to propel my career. I was signed with one of the best literary agents in London because of winning the ‘Pitch Your Play’ award and my career has been steadily progressing since then. I would love to say ‘thank you’ to Masterclass and give something back. It would mean a lot to me to ensure the creative potential of more young people is protected for the future."

With your help, Poppy is fundraising for Masterclass so that we are able to continue offering wonderful, career changing opportunities to young people passionate about this industry.

Why support Masterclass?

"...I’m really worried about the cuts that are coming to state education for people in low-income families because I don’t think low income means low talent or low education or low intelligence.
- Jessica Hynes, Masterclass May 2015

The arts has been one of the sectors most affected by government cuts. As youth groups close and university fees go up, we’re here to support young people in the early stages of their theatrical career.

All of our opportunities remain free for young people aged 16-30, allowing them to fully realise their potential regardless of income or background. The only way we are able to continue doing this is through the generous in-kind and financial backing from our supporters.

We need your help! Click here to donate and support Poppy’s run!