Here's the lowdown

On Sunday 23rd April, playwright Poppy Corbett will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon in aid of Masterclass!

Poppy has been up and running every morning and, as part of her training programme, recently ran the Hampton Court Half Marathon in 2:14:24!

Poppy has currently raised over £3,000 and we really need your help to reach her target of £5,000. We're so close that every little will really help! So... 

Here's the Plan

We are starting 'Poppy's Playlist' and encouraging everyone to recommend a song for Poppy to listen to whilst running the marathon and to then donate an amount equivalent to the length of your chosen song. For example, Pop Goes The World is 3 minutes and 52 seconds long, so Blayne has already donated £3:52. It's that simple!

To donate and suggest a song, simply hit the "Donate here" button below which will take you through to our fundraising page, then click on donate now, specify your donation amount and under leave a message, put "Poppy's Playlist - Name of your song & Name of artist".  Continue with your donation and when your donation pops up on the fundraising page, we'll add it to Poppy's Playlist!

Here's the current Playlist

Here's our current playlist - Please donate and please add to it! We think we are going to need about 5 hours of tunes. If you want to listen to our current songs, just hit play!

And finally... Here's a wee update from Poppy