Masterclass members can get £10* tickets for Dumbledore Is So Gay at the Network Theatre, VAULT Festival, valid on all performances 25 February - 1 March.

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About this Production

It ain't easy being Jack. He hates French, he got sorted into Hufflepuff on the official online quiz and he's in love with his best friend Ollie. But dodging bullies, keeping secrets and trying to get the man is too much for Jack to take. So he pulls out his trusty Time Turner and does it all over again. Maybe this time he'll get into Gryffindor.

Dumbledore Is So Gay is a witty, poignant and contemporary coming-of-age drama for the naughties. Written by Robert Holtom (The Cluedo Club Killings, The Quest) and directed by Tom Wright (Undetectable, My Dad's Gap Year).

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