Masterclass members can get £15* tickets for the first week of performances of The Haystack at the Hampstead Theatre, 31 January - 8 February, and £20* tickets for the second week of performances, 10 - 15 February.

*This offer is for top price tickets, evening performances only, and is subject to availability. Booking fees not included.

About this Production

Neil and Zef are two twenty-something computer whizzes with questionable dress sense and a highly developed interest in video games and Netflix. They’re also the UK’s ‘National Defence Information Security Team’ - recruited by GCHQ for their sky-high IQs and ability to work quickly and discreetly, no questions asked.

Al Blyth’s explosive espionage thriller The Haystack challenges the ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ mantra and explores how we can live honestly, love freely, and stay authentic when the advances in cutting-edge technology outpace the law.

Roxana Silbert makes her directing debut as Hampstead Theatre’s Artistic Director.

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