The Bravo 22 Company, a pioneering theatre recovery project, was launched in 2011 through a unique partnership with the Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust, The Royal British Legion and Defence Recovery Capability. The project’s aim was to use a theatrical learning environment to aid recovery, build new skills and offer opportunities to those members of the Armed Forces transitioning into civilian life.

Working under the guidance of a professional team of theatre makers led by Masterclass’ (then)creative producerAlice Driver, director Stephen Rayne and writer Owen Sheers members of the company participated directly in the creation, production and performance of the piece giving them direct insight into the theatrical industry and helping to improve self-awareness, confidence, and motivation to support their individual recovery.

The wounded, injured and sick military service personnel, whose ages range between 20 and 52 years, charted their experiences of conflict and recovery to Owen Sheers who comprises the play based on this material.
The collective outcome was the creation and performance of the play The Two Worlds of Charlie F at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in January 2012. 
"The Masterclass theatre project funded by The Royal British Legion was a turning point in my recovery. While the medical teams put my body back together, taking part in the play The Two Worlds of Charlie F gave me back my self-esteem and confidence when it was at its lowest ebb.”
Cassidy Little, Bravo 22 Company member & the face of the 2013 Poppy Appeal

Following the success of the initial project Masterclass and The Royal British Legion took the play on a small national tour to Birmingham, Cardiff and Edinburgh. It was in Edinburgh, during the Fringe Festival, that the Bravo 22 Company was awarded the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression in Theatre award. The tour culminated in two final performances back at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in September 2012.