With the evergrowing role of the internet in everyday life, addressing the potential threats that face young people in the online world is more urgent than ever. However, at Masterclass we also believe that it’s imperative that the experiences of young people themselves lead the way, to make for a more enriching and engaging discussion.

Inspired by the true experiences of students, Cookies, produced in partnership with Kidscape and The Pureland Foundation, explores the risks faced online, how their effects can accumulate beyond control and how solidarity can be found in a combination of online and offline interactions. Shedding light on sexting and revenge porn, as well as showing the devastating effects of repeated and accumulative verbal abuse through text messages and online comments, Cookies clearly illustrates the rampant nature of online communications and the serious legal and lasting implications which thoughtless behaviour online can have.

During Anti-Bullying Week 2017 (w/c 13th November), we will be hosting a filmed version of the production which you'll be able to stream directly from this page on our website!

Alongside the filmed version of the play, teachers can access free PSHE and Drama resource packs, with a range of Cookies related activities that align with the PSHE Association and AQA A-level and GSCE Drama.

By using Cookies in the classroom, teachers will be able to encourage students to tackle the serious threats that young people face online. Cookies can be used as a creative and engaging device to nurture important conversations with students from Key Stage 4 and 5.

Cookies played the Theatre Royal Haymarket on 29th October for two performances only and was commissioned as part of the Cyberscene Project; an inspirational theatre initiative which supports the health and wellbeing of young people affected by cyber bullying and other online issues. Cyberscene was created by Masterclass in partnership with the Pureland Foundation and children’s charity Kidscape.
Bruno Wang, Founder, Pureland Foundation commented:

“We are delighted to partner with Cyberscene and to champion its important work to support and empower young people affected by cyber bullying. This innovative initiative from Masterclass mirrors Pureland Foundation’s commitment to promote social and emotional wellness, in particular working with the creative arts to engage and inform audiences. Cyberbullying is an issue affecting not only children and teenagers but also adults. It is very rewarding for all involved that teachers across the country will be able to use Cookies in their classrooms to stimulate dialogue with students on this key issue of our time.”

Download the Full Drama Resource Pack Here

Download the Full PSHE Resource Pack Here

Photos: Pamela Raith
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