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Cookies Educational Resources - Drama

Feed Cookies straight into the classroom with the free Award-Winning Drama Education Resource Packs...
Key Stage 3

The Free KS3 resource pack which is ready to share directly with your students, consists of:

  • Teacher’s Powerpoint (shared via Google Slides) with relevant resources and notes, including details on the students’ at-home verbatim project and classroom activities to do at school
  • Student Powerpoint (shared via Google Slides) with step-by-step instructions for activities to complete
  • An interview guide sheet for students, to inform their interviews for the verbatim project

Please note the full film is not used in the Key Stage 3 resources due to sensitive content. For Key Stage 3 the film has been edited to a 17 minute version following one storyline.

These resources have been created by Education Consultant Susie Ferguson and the Masterclass Team.

Key Stages 4 & 5

Broken down into three easily digestible sections, the GCSE & A Level Drama resource pack offers over 30 extensive theatre-based, written and creative activities for three AQA GCSE and two A-Level Drama modules.

Section 1: Live Theatre Performance Covers the AQA GCSE Drama 1C: Understanding Drama and AQA A-Level Drama component 1: Drama and Theatre.

  • Unit A - Plot and character development
  • Unit B - Acting
  • Unit C - Sound
  • Unit D - Set and Design

Section 2: Devising Covers the AQA GCSE Drama 2A & B

  • Unit A - Reviewing Stimuli
  • Unit B - Develop your story
  • Unit C - Setting your scene
  • Unit D - Documenting your devised work

Section 3 - Monologues, Duologues and Group Work Covers the AQA GCSE Drama 3: Texts in Practice and AQA A-Level Drama component 3: Making Theatre (Practical).

  • Unit A - Exploring monologues
  • Unit B - Developing duologue
  • Unit C - Conducting a chorus
  • Unit D - Group performance

These resource packs have been adapted for online/home learning -click here for the Google Slides. The online lesson plans are shared via Google Slides, with step-by-step instructions for activities that students can complete independently at home.

Additional Material

In addition to the above sections, a further two resources have been written and curated by Education Consultant Susie Ferguson.

Interviews & Workshops

We have a number of interviews with the Creative Team available below, which may be of interest when highlighting the different roles available to young people in theatre.

We can also offer bespoke workshops surrounding Cookies such as exploring the themes and the process of creating an issue-based play, or talks with the creative team regarding creative decisions. If you would like further information on organising a workshop at your school, please email us at:

To view Cookies: The Film with subtitles, please click here. Subtitles provided by StageText.

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