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Huáng, Chenxing Liu

Script Sessions


July 18, 2023


3.30pm - 5.00pm


Theatre Royal Haymarket

This session, we will read scenes from Huáng, a script in development by Chenxing Liu.

The sessions are the perfect opportunity to keep your table reading skills fresh, give feedback on a piece of new writing, meet other creatives, and enjoy some great plays!

You will be sent the script to read in advance of the session, and you are expected to read the full script so that you can give feedback.

About The Play As Wanke is immersed in a new culture, she is confronted with racism, stereotypes and culture shock. The play deals with contemporary issues such as family, the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of Asian hatred. In her struggle, Wanke grapples with the notions of Chinese girlhood imposed on her by parents, social media, and society at large. In the face of these expectations, will she embark on a journey of self-reflection to discover the Chinese girl she truly wishes to be? And how will she cope with this first-hand experience of violence after what happened that day on the tube?

How to Apply

Please email with the subject title 'Huáng' and include either a CV with photo, or a link to your Spotlight profile.

Please note you must be a Masterclass member to apply.

Please note this is a CLOSED SESSION - only attend if you are invited to.

Actor/Creative/Designer and want to participate?

Please make sure you are signed up as Masterclass member. Email with the title "SS 18 July - (your name)", with your CV/spotlight link, and whether you are happy to read in for a character.

We welcome Directors & Designers to give their feedback, and designers are welcome to do some quick sketches of potential design ideas.

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