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Leo & Nicki by Aaliyah Al-Lawal

Script Sessions


December 06, 2023


11.30am - 1pm


Theatre Royal Hayma

In our next Script Session we'll be exploring Aaliyah Al-Lawal's new play, Leo and Nicki

'Leo and Nicki's parents live in the same block of flats, and while they're aware of each other's existence, they've never said more than a few words to each other. However on the night of Leo's birthday, their worlds collide in a way they didn't expect.'

Character Breakdown: Anne – late 20s, Female, Black British, Blind Nick – late 20s, Male, White, Deaf Michelle – mid 20s, Female, Black British
Mel – late 30s, Female, Black British Ethan – late 30s, Male, White, Gay Travis – early 50s, Male, Asian British, Gay Maddie – late 30s, Female, Asian British

Script Sessions are an invite only session, with supportive creatives reading a writers new script and offering feedback on the play. If you'd like to join the room, please email with 'SS - (your name)' as the subject title. We are particularly interested in hearing from more global majority actors and creatives for these sessions.

Script Sessions are a relatively small time commitment and a chance to meet fellow Masterclass members (and potential future collaborators!) to hear new work aloud and to be part of its development. They are also an opportunity to stretch your own creative muscles in a safe and non-judgmental space. With this in mind, Script Sessions are not paid opportunities.

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