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Script Scratch: Actor Call-Out



March 04, 2024




The Other Palace, London

We are inviting Masterclass members to apply to take part as Actors in Script Scratch, an opportunity to celebrate five pieces of new writing from our Script Sessions programme. 

📜 Script Scratch will take place on Thursday, 14 March, at The Other Palace (London), actors will be required from 3.00pm to 9.00pm.

📅 Application Deadline: Monday 4 March.

📝 Complete the application form HERE, ensuring that you indicate which role(s) you would like to be considered for.

🗓️ Rehearsal: A two hour Zoom rehearsal will take place week commencing 4 or 11 March, depending on the availability of performers & writers.

💸 Each actor will receive £25 towards expenses.

A summary of each play can be found under biog. Check out character breakdowns below before applying. We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any queries regarding casting, please contact us on

Casting Details:

The Waiting Room by Akshay Sharan

Mohan - Playing age: 25-30 | Male-identifying | Accent: Actor's Own | Appearance: South Asian Mohan is an actor and peacemaker. He is slow, patient and frustratingly diplomatic. He is accommodating, soft-spoken and self-deprecating. Although others may see him as a pacifist he might be more of a leader than he thinks.

Iqbal - Playing age: 20-25 | Male-identifying | Accent: Actor's Own | Appearance: South Asian Iqbal is an Islamic poet who has recently turned to acting. Some may think he cries wolf. Eloquent and highly successful on the spoken word circuit. This is his first ever acting audition.

Jawahar - Playing age: 25-30 | Male-identifying | Accent: Actor's Own | Appearance: South Asian Jawahar is an actor and left-wing Sikh intellectual. He is a pretentiously articulate, self-righteous and annoyingly “woke” leftie. He is over-educated and doesn’t realise he might be better off in academia than the arts.

Subash - Playing age: 20-25 | Male-identifying | Accent: Actor's Own | Appearance: South Asian If Subash wasn’t so driven by acting he’d be a fervent Indian/Hindu nationalist - loud, proud and boisterously right-wing. Competitive, passionate and opinionated. He believes he is the Muhammad Ali of acting.

Film: Don't Recycle by Claudia Fielding

Photographer - Playing age: 25+ | Any gender | Accent: Actor's Own | Appearance: White Photographer has been offered a once in our lifetime opportunity - to photograph the end of the world. They are one of the only humans still able to travel internationally. Subsequently, they have a bit of a God complex. Strong-willed, defensive, passionate and comfortable. Professional, driven, lost and talented.

Partner - Playing age: 20-30 | Any gender | Accent: Actor's Own | Appearance: Global Majority Emigrated to the UK leaving their family behind. With the imminent climate emergency, Partner decides to stay with the Photographer. They don't know if they will ever see their family again. Soft, gentle, selfless and intelligent. Fights for what is right. Witty and charming.

Home Sweet Home by Eliana Ostro

Yasmin - Playing age: 25 | Female-identifying Yasmin is sardonic, introvert, and doesn’t like most people. But she loves Bea, passionately. She has no connection to people her own age and spent most of her life feeling out of place - with her peers, her incredibly pushy mother, and the persistent sense she’s falling behind.

Bea - Playing age: 80 | Female-identifying* Bea is bright, mischievous, vivacious and would go to any length to protect her best friend Yasmin. She has nothing to live for except the present and that is the driving force that makes her presence so special. Bea never had children, and she has a maternal love for Yasmin, as well as a friendship that genuinely transcends age.
*As this is a table reading we are looking for someone who wants a challenge and feels like they can play an 80 year old character.

Jamie - Playing age: 27 | Male-identifying Jamie means well but has spent his whole life fitting in - he was the head boy, popular, charming, good looking. But that hasn’t led to the young adult life he assumed it would. He feels like a failure. A hygienist in a family of dentists, he desperately wants to do something positive. He is drawn to Yasmin but also sees her situation as something that needs fixing.

Lucy - Playing age: 39 | Female-identifying Lucy is someone that has found her sense of self in all things spiritual. She genuinely wants to help Yasmin, who she sees as lost. It’s her responsibility to look after the care-home and the residents. Lucy is the object of Yasmin’s mockery, but she won’t let that phase her.

Porridge by Rishi Rain

AN - Playing age: 25-30 | Male-identifying/presenting | Accent: Any | Appearance: Any AN tries his best to navigate the world around him but struggles with life's big questions. He tends to overthink and is not comfortable with uncertainty. He has just moved in with EM, and is looking to make a new start. A natural adventurer with a lovable and endearing way about him. Equally frustrating as he is enigmatic.

EM - Playing age: 27-30 | Female-identifying/presenting or Non-Binary| Accent: Any | Appearance: Any EM feels alone - her sister has moved out and her mother is relocating to South Africa with a new boyfriend. EM is not an expert at speaking about how they are feeling and tends to cope by keeping busy. EM is strong-willed, more passionate than she would admit, and is full of heart.

But The Wolf Survives by Lola Rose Wood

Rowan - Playing age: 26 - 30 | Gender: Male-identifying/presenting | Accent: North Yorkshire | Appearance: White Laurel’s brother – 18 months younger. Unpresuming and introverted. He lives slowly with the seasons and his flock of sheep, rattling around alone in the empty farmhouse. After father died the farm in Skipton fell to Rowan. He has the rugged appearance of a man who spends his days outdoors. His hands storied with scars. His fingernails have seen more soil than sink. His head down approach to life conceals a radical spark.

Laurel - Playing age: 28/29 | Gender: Female-identifying/presenting | Accent: North Yorkshire | Appearance: White She's not afraid of mud but she is afraid of monotony. The poster child for cutthroat corporate badass bitches and a classic eldest sister. She bossed her way through business school at lightning speed and is now the successful founder of an ecommerce pet food company that helps dogs with anxiety and stress. Laurel LOVES her London job and her London life. As the gateway to the Dales, Skipton may be the most beautiful place on Earth but Laurel has never looked back – until now.

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