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The Cyberscene Project - 'Cookies'

Cookies is an award-winning play which was commissioned as part of Masterclass' award-winning Cyberscene Project. Cookies is available to stream online, and is accompanied by award-winning extensive Key Stage 4 & 5 Level Drama Educational Resources to align with the AQA Drama GCSE and A Level Specifications.

Inspired by the true, heartfelt online stories of students, Cookies follows seven teenagers dealing with the effects of sexting, radicalisation, cyber bullying and their digital world…


Cookies | by Emily Jenkins. Directed by Anna Ledwich

Sosa, a tough, gay, streetwise Londoner finds solace in the tunes of her favourite rap artist, but her online world comes crashing down when she finally meets her idol.

Eva, an aspiring vlogger, splits with avid gamer Simon and is forced to deal with the devastating effects of sexting and repetitive online abuse.

Salena, infatuated with pop star Zayn Malik, starts an online friendship with another faceless superfan. As a result of their conversations the young Muslim woman begins to grapple with her faith and is persuaded to make a long journey to an unknown fate.

Written by Award-winning playwright Emily Jenkins and directed by Olivier Award nominee Anna Ledwich, Cookies takes us on an astonishing digital journey which promises to redefine how we perceive our online world.


To purchase a copy of the play text, published by Samuel French, click here.

To view the Cookies education resource packs for Key Stage 4 & 5 Drama and PSHE, click the links on the right-hand side of this page.

If you or someone you know is experiencing cyber bullying and you would like some additional support, please visit our partner Kidscape’s website for further guidance:

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