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Programming and Administration Intern with MasterclassTRH

May 15, 2024

What did my internship include?

My internship had a great variety! Since my background and interests are in both theatre/writing and charity management, it made sense for me to help with tasks that spanned many different areas of what Masterclass does. I did research, participated in a couple of different steps in the grant-writing process, assisted with communications, contributed to the application review process, and helped with a wide range of other administrative tasks. It was great to get to see so many different aspects of what Masterclass does for its community and learn how an organisation like this achieves its great impact.

What was my biggest challenge during my internship and how did I overcome it?

Some of my research assignments proved more difficult than I expected, as I was pulling from many different documents and other online sources and sometimes struggled to combine them in a way that would make sense to another reader. When I reached these points of uncertainty, I was able to talk it over with the Masterclass team, who were always great about explaining the task in a different way and helping me make a plan to move forward. I learned to feel more comfortable asking questions in situations like this, and at the same time, I learned to trust my judgement when working on projects. Overall, I gained a lot more confidence in my abilities over the course of the internship!

What skills have I developed during my internship?

I have developed my skills for writing in professional contexts. I already write frequently as I study Creative Writing at university, but I did not have much experience with writing in this different context. During my time with Masterclass, I’ve gotten to try my hand at writing policy documents, summaries of event feedback, blog posts, thank you letters, and sections of grant reports, giving me many opportunities to develop this skill. Based on other administrative tasks I’ve helped with, I’ve also developed other transferable skills that will be helpful to me in any office environment moving forward, like the use of spreadsheets as a medium of communicating information and understanding office workflow and communication between team members as well as with external audiences.

What do I hope to do next?

My semester studying abroad in London is coming to an end, so I’ll be heading back to my American university! In the fall, I’ll be continuing my work with early childhood literacy in the community of Syracuse, New York, and finishing up my studies in Creative Writing to graduate next May. Although I don’t know exactly what my life and career will look like after graduation, I plan to follow my passions for creative writing and literacy, and I will also be looking for opportunities in backstage theatre, most likely in costuming and wardrobe, an interest of mine that has been reignited during my time with Masterclass.

What advice would I give to young people looking to get into theatre?

My biggest advice is to explore the wide variety of options available within the theatre industry and see what speaks to you! During my time in London, I’ve been attending as many theatre- related events and workshops as possible to learn about careers in theatre, and it has been incredibly helpful for me in identifying what I would most enjoy doing. I would recommend any young person interested in theatre to do the same. Masterclass events (and TheatreCraft!) are a great place to do this since they are free and so packed with valuable information and advice, but there are also always many other events happening around London. For example, I went to a Puppetry Insight Session for The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre and learned so much! Keep an eye out for these opportunities; you never know what could spark something in you.

What was my favourite part of the internship?

My favorite part of the internship was getting to participate in events like Masterclasses and Creative Conversations. The speakers were always insightful and inspiring, and I felt so lucky to be able to listen in. Every Masterclass event I was able to attend added fuel to my creative fire and gave me so much to think about as I move forward into my next creative projects. Of these events, my favorite was the Creative Conversation with Marcy Kahan. As a writer myself who is interested in playwriting in the future, getting to hear Marcy Kahan’s insights into the research and playwriting process was an incredible privilege. However, it’s difficult to pick just one favorite part since I’ve had such a great overall experience with Masterclass. The Masterclass team are such wonderful, kind, and supportive people who are equally brilliant at what they do and amazing at creating a positive working environment that made it a pleasure to come to the office. I am so grateful for them and for this internship!

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